Fair Hotels in Slovenija

Dear Colleagues,
We congratulate SGITS and its social partnersfor the initiative to launchthe Fair Hotels campaign promoting hotels in Slovenia where workers' rights are respected, collective agreements are adhered to and a social dialogue between trade unions, workers’ representatives and employers takes place.
Fair treatment of workers and good working conditions motivate the staff and are preconditions for quality services in the hotel industry. This initiative is a good example for social partners in other countries and it is an important contribution to fight the unfair competition in the hospitality sector.

EFFAT fully endorses the Fair Hotels campaign, and for all future meetings and stays in Slovenia we will only use hotels listed on the Fair Hotels website www.fairhotels.si.
We will promote the Slovenian Fair Hotels website amongst our affiliates and other European trade union federations.
EFFAT will encourage the hotel and restaurant trade unions in other countries to launch similar initiatives to promote fair hotels.
Furthermore, we call upon all independent travellers, tour operators, corporate clients, organisations, etc., searching for hotel accommodation in Slovenia, to book with Fair Hotels.
We wish you all success!

Harald Wiedenhofer
EFFAT General Secretary